Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Mama, no time for bloggin'

So a month has passed, and since my last post I've had 3 overnights and 2 day trips by plane.  I am amid another overnight as I type.  Things are about to pick up with weekly trips.  Things have been crazy for me, which has halted my ability to document.  The hardest thing has been this past school term.  I was taking a course in Organizational Ethics, which is part of my Masters program.  The amount of reading and paper writing in the short 8 week term was overwhelming, to say the least.

My first 2-night trip since my last post was non-stop work.  I worked basically from 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM the whole trip.  There wasn't much time for studying, which meant I had to cram my reading and writing into the short window of time I have available at home.  I don't do any studying at all when the kids are awake.  There are a couple of problems with that.  One being that Boy no longer goes to bed easily.  He is in the excuse-making phase for calling us into his room 100 times.  When we stop coming, he comes out to find us.  In addition, some nights, Boy will go into Girl's room and they sit in her bed playing and giggling.  By the time I get them settled down, it's late and I have a short window of time before I keel over.  The other problem is that poor Daddy got seriously neglected.  If I was home, I was studying.  But he's been a trooper.

Now I'm on summer break for about 6 weeks, but major things are coming down the pipeline for work.  Never a dull moment!  But I am loving my job so much.  I've been with this company for 2 months, and it's the first time in life that I can honestly say I love what I do.

Boy is still a bit confused when I travel.  Tonight he asked me to please hold him.  We were talking on the phone.  I told him I couldn't because I wasn't there.  He then asked if he could get into Daddy's phone with me.  So sweet.

This post is pretty random and all over the place, but I wanted to reconnect and get back on track.  Oh, I did talk with a professional blogger a while back who specializes in travel blogging for moms.  She gave me some useful information, but given that I have no interest in being a for-profit blogger, I'm keeping it simple.  I just want a place for idea generation and support.  Please continue to spread the word.  I look forward to having many resources available for moms who travel for work.

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